Meditation & Retreat

Meditation and retreat are the two powerful tools that every being should inculcate and engross in this. It is the best therapy by which a person can gain their inner peace that also adds on to a healthy and happy living.

Bhutan is considered as one of the last country on earth where Vajrayana Buddhism thrives and continues to become an integral part of its culture. Bhutan is highly appreciated and respected amongst the Tibetan Buddhism for the preservation and promotion of Buddhist practice. Meditation and retreats are a crucial part of Buddhism practice and learning as well. Retreat and meditation centers are lavishly found in the country and also some hermitages and monasteries that support meditation practitioners for a day or even several years. These retreats and meditation centers serves as a great place of lull from the daily stressors. The Devout Buddhists often venture into the mountains for months or even years to meditate and achieve a certain level of practice in Buddhism.

Bhutan Dyang Adventure provides you this perfectly firmed Meditation and Retreat tour package where you can take the glance of this powerful techniques of mindful yoga, breathing and meditation that helps balance the demands of daily life to offer lasting holistic benefits for the body, mind and spirit. You can also join the group and take yourself to an exotic peace and relax for the times of your stay here. So hurry up, book your trip now.