Bhutan Trekking Tours

If you desire to walk by the foothills, explore the various type of flora and fauna, see the beauty of the land from a higher elevation or have an adventurous mountain trek, Bhutan is your destination. The Bhutan trekking tour comprises of all the activities as mentioned.

Bhutan being a Himalayan, landlocked country, has mostly mountainous areas with vast forest cover. There is much more variety of flora and fauna in Bhutan than in any other place. People are settled partly on the lower plains of the mountain leaving the upper parts as a home to nature. Trekking in those areas doesn’t require any special skills.

Bhutan Dyang Adventure provides you a great opportunity for the trekking tour in Bhutan where you can challenge yourself, refresh your mind, get immersed into nature and the culture of Bhutan. So hurry up, book the trip with any of the following tour packages and grab your backpack now.